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    Engage Supporters Overview

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      Recent software enhancements are in red.

      A supporter is a person's record in your Engage account. This section covers the basics of managing supporters and groups. 

      Supporters Tab

      To navigate to the Supporters Dashboard, click Supporters in the navigation to the left of the window. The Supporters tab will appear with focus on the Supporter Dashboard.


      The Supporter Insight enables you to see some overview information regarding the number of supporters in your account as well as their sources. You can also manage Groups, Imports, Exports, and Supporter Queries from the Dashboard.

      Add or Import New Supporters

      Click the Add Supporters button at the upper right-hand corner of the window, and then choose an option: Single supporters or Import supporters.

      Supporter Insights

      In the center of your dashboard, you will find Key Metrics. You can see them for the past 30 days, 90 days, or year to date.


      • Total Number of Supporters is the total number of people who have been added to your organization's audience within the given time-frame.  They may have been added via a sign-up page, a fundraising page, petition, or via import.
      • Source displays the origins of your supporters displayed in a pie chart by number and percentage.

      Updates Introduction to Supporters.

      Supporter Search

      At the bottom of the page is a list of all supporters in a table format. The table's columns include name, location, and source of each supporter. The rightmost column contains a link to open that supporter in a new browser tab.


      Sort Supporters

      This list is sorted by default in reverse chronological order. The names at the top of the list are the most recent additions to your database. If you'd like to re-sort the list by any of the grey column headers, click once on the column header. For example, click on Zip Code to sort the list by postal code in ascending order (an up arrow indicates this). Click again to resort the list in descending order (down arrow).

      Search Filters

      Focus on the supporter records you want to see by using filters. Use the filters to reduce the number of records displayed. These filters are "sticky"—they remain during your entire Engage session until you log out.


      The Search field—located above the list of supporters—allows you to select supporters for your list using  specific keywords you type in. Keyword searches only search through the first or last name or email fields. For example, you could search on 'gmail' to find all supporters with a gmail address or search on 'jones' to find every supporter named Jones.

      The Filter By Source field—to the right of the search field—allows you to select supporters who were added to Engage by...

      • Facebook lead ad
      • Sign-Up Form
      • Fundraising Form
      • Petition
      • Targeted Action
      • Event
      • P2P
      • Regulation Comment Form
      • Salsa CRM integration
      • Import
      • Manual addition to the system

      Reset Filters

      Your filter selections will stick around throughout your entire Engage session until you log out. However, if you wish to clear out your filter selections at any time, click the Reset Search and Filters button to the right of the filters.


      Select an action to take for one or multiple supporters in the database. Currently, the only action is, delete supporter records.

      Groups Tab

      This tab enables you to view, create, and delete supporter groups. Groups are small, flexible lists of supporters within your full list. Groups enable you to reach out to specific groups with messages just for them. Groups can update automatically as new people qualify to join.

      Manage Imports Tab

      The Manage Imports tab displays a clickable list of all your imports. In addition to listing your Imports, you may also import supporters from this tab. 

      Manage Exports Tab

      The Manage Exports tab displays a clickable list of all your exports.

      Query Tab

      The Query tab provides a user-friendly way to find and segment your supporters based on their activity history, group membership, or a host of data points.


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