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    Messaging, Advocacy, Engagement, and Fundraising Tabs

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      Salsa Engage Insights provides statistics to enable you to see how well you are doing. Note that not all of the following statistics are available for every tab. Statistics are listed in alphabetical order.

      Getting Started

      Click on the Insight module on the left column. Messaging tab will be open by default. Click the tab that you are interested in.



      At the top of the section the two reports are a snapshot of your account since it was created.

      Advocating Supporters - The total number of supporters who acted on behalf of your cause.

      Email Subscribers gives you several key data points:

      • The total number of people who are currently signed up to receive your emails
      • 30 Day Change: The number and percent increase or decrease in email subscriptions over the last 30 days.
        • If the number and percentage are positive, it means your net subscribe rate is outpacing your net unsubscribe rate (and your emailable list size is growing).
        • If the number and percentage are negative, it means your net unsubscribe rate is outpacing your net subscribe rate (and your emailable list size is shrinking).

      Number of Donations - The total number of donations made to your organization.

      Total Donors - The total number of donors who made donations.

      Total Funds Raised - The total amount of funds raised for your organization.

      Total Number of Messages shows how many Emails vs. Social Posts you have published in the entire life of your account and gives a percentage breakdown.

      Total Number of Subscribers - The number of supporters subscribed to receive email.

      Total Number of Supporters - The number of people who are signed up as supporters of your organizations.

      Supporters Who Sent Messages - The number supporters who supported your cause by sending an email or posting to social.

      Supporters Who Signed Petitions - The number of supporters who signed petitions.

      Insights by Date Range

      In the lower section you will see several graphs. The 30d, 90d, 1y and ALL buttons will automatically filter the information included in the graphs by those timeframes.


      If you have a specific date range you want to filter by click the date dropdown and select the range of days and click Apply.

      You can modify what information is returned for some of the graphs by clicking the the legend.


      Average Donation Amount -

      Average Number of Donations - 

      Conversions -

      Email Blasts Sent - How many supporters received your emails in the time frame. It will also let you know how many hard bounces you received.

      Delivered Email Blasts - How many opens, clicks and conversions you had in the time range. A Conversion is when a supporter who received an email went on to complete a form linked in your email -- such as a signup or donation form.

      Fundraising Trends -

      Funds Raised by Donation Type -

      Funds Raised by Donor Type

      New Subscribers - Total new subscribers added to your list in the specified timeframe. It will also show you how many unsubscribes and the unsubscribe rate for that time.

      Number of Donors

      Number of Donations

      Petition Signatures

      Messages Sent

      Message Targets

      Published Messages - How many Email Blasts and Social Posts that were sent/published in that timeframe. It will also break down the number between the two.

      Published Social Posts - How many clicks and conversions occurred from social posts that have been published. A Conversion is when a supporter who saw your social post went on to complete a form linked in your post -- such as a signup or donation form. 

      Subscriber Engagement - Snapshot of how engaged your supporters are based on how many emails they opened, clicked and if any of them donated. If a supporter does any of the above three within the timeframe they will be considered an engaged subscriber, if they haven't done any of those three things they will be counted in the inactive subscribers section.

      Supporter Actions


      Timeline -

      Top Fundraising Forms

      Top Petitions

      Top Sign-up Forms

      Top Targeted Action Forms -

      Total Petition Views

      Total Targeted Action Form Views


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