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    Web Developer API Overview

    In This Article:

      The purpose of the Engage Developer API is to provide integration capabilities with external systems. Currently, the API provides the following end points to synchronize data from the Salsa platform and into a third party system.

      Following are the current list of end points that are provided.

      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/types - get a list of available activity types
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities - get a list of activity forms
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/metadata - get metadata for specific activity form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/summary - get statistics summary for specific activity form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/summary/targets - get a list of targets for specific targeted action form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/summary/attendees - get a list of attendees for specific Event or P2P form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/summary/registrations - get a list of registrations for specific P2P form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/summary/fundraisers - get a list of fundraisers for specific P2P form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/summary/teams - get a list of fundraisers for specific P2P form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/UUID/summary/purchases - get a list of fundraisers for specific P2P form
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/fundraisers/UUID - get details for specific P2P fundraiser
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/activities/teams/UUID - get details for specific team
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/blasts - get a list of blasts with web version details
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/submissions - get a list of submissions with details
      • /api/developer/ext/v1/callMetrics - get API usage metrics

      Getting Started

      Acquiring a Token

      All calls made to the Developer API are secured by the SSL protocol(which all calls must be made using) as well as an encrypted token that represents the identity of your organization.  If you have been informed that you have access to the API, you should be able to acquire the API token for the Organization Settings -> API -> Developer API tab of the Salsa Online application. If no such tab is presented within the application, it indicates either your organization does not have access or your Salsa Online account does not have permissions to view that screen.

      When viewing the Developer API screen within Salsa Online, the following will be displayed:

      • Your API token that needs to be provided in the calls which looks something like 


      • Metrics such as last call made as well as the total number of successful and failed calls

      • The ability to re-issue a token in the event of there is a belief the current has been compromised.
      • The previously issues token and the last time it was used - if applicable. 


      Understanding Usage

      Salsa Online doesn't limit the number of concurrent processes that can access the API, but it does impose the following call rate limit:

      Your token will allow: 

      • Up to 300 calls to the API within a 1-minute period 
      • Rate limiting is performed with a rolling 1-minute window - this means you can not perform 300 operations at the end of one clock minute and immediately send 300 more calls when the next clock minute occurs.
      • If your organization requires a higher call rate limit, you can speak to a sales representative to discuss increasing it.
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