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    Fundraiser Metadata and Summary

    In This Article:

      This API call returns specific P2P fundraiser metadata and summary. 


      • Method: GET
      • URL:


      Name Type Mandatory/Optional Description
      UUID UUID mandatory UUID that identifies specific fundraiser





      Name Type Description
      firstName String first name
      middleName String middle name
      lastName String last name
      gender String gender:
      • FEMALE
      • MALE
      • OTHER
      dateOfBirth Date fundraiser date of birth. ISO_8601 formatted String with a GMT timezone
      title String fundraiser title
      suffix String fundraiser suffix
      email String email
      homePhone String home phone
      cellPhone String cell phone
      workPhone String work phone
      city String city
      addressLine1 String address line 1
      addressLine2 String address line 2
      state String state
      stateCode String state code
      zipCode String zip
      country String country
      countryCode String country code
      supporterId UUID supporter id
      purchaserExternalId String supporter external id
      customFields Array Array of custom fields with values with the following attribtues
      • name - name of the custom field
      • value - value of the custom field
      • type - data type of the custom field. Values:
        • NUMBER
        • BOOLEAN
        • DOUBLE
        • STRING
        • DATE
      • customFieldType - possible values: 
        • Activity
        • Supporter
      fundraiserPageName String fundraiser page name
      type String Fundraiser type - will be one of:
      • PERSONAL
      • TEAM
      enabled Boolean fundraiser enabled: true/false
      fundraiserUrl String fundraiser URL
      goal Double fundraiser goal value
      totalDonationsAmount Double total donations amount (dollars)
      totalDonationsCount Integer total donations count
      lastTransactionDate Date last transaction date. ISO_8601 formatted String with a GMT timezone
      teamId UUID team id
      teamName String team name
      fundraiserId UUID fundraiser id
      teamCaptain Boolean is team captain



        "header": {
          "processingTime": 98,
        "payload": {
          "state""New York",
          "country""United States",
          "customFields": [
          "fundraiserPageName""Fundraiser Main Page",
          "goal": 200.0,
          "totalDonationsAmount": 14.5,
          "totalDonationsCount": 5,
          "teamName""Team Name 1",


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