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    FAQ: How Do I Test My Live Fundraising Activity?

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      If you want to see how your activity will look once it is published, use the Save & Preview option in the Visual Editor. However, if you want to test the functionality of the live event before you create a link to it, you'll need to clone it and then test the clone.

      1. Click the Activites tab and then click the tab for the type of activity that you want to test.
      2. Find the activity that you want to test in the table at the bottom of the window.
      3. To the right of the table row for the activity, click the Clone icon.
      4. You'll be prompted to verify that you want to clone the event that you selected. Click Ok. The cloned activity will appear at the top of the table, labeled as a "copy".
      5. Double-click the activity to open it.
      6. Go through the workflow to enable and publish the activity. You can change the name of the activity if you wish.
      7. Open the live cloned event and put it through its paces. When you are ready to go live, be sure to use the URL from the correct activity, not the clone.

      Note: Creating clones will affect statistics on the Insights page for your activity. For accurate statistics for individual activities, use the Query option.


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