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    Copy and Paste Best Practices

    In This Article:

      When you create content in a rich text editor, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, hidden formatting is added to your document to make it look nice on screen. If you then copy and paste that content into a Salsa Engage Activity or Email, the hidden formatting can mess up the look of your Activity or Email. For example, if you paste from Microsoft Word, your Activity or Email might contain characters like "&" or "#8217".

      If you need to copy content from a rich text editor, first paste it into a tool that will strip out the hidden formatting. For example, you can use Notepad, TextEdit, Word to Clean HTML, or EditPad as an intermediary.

      Process for Pasting Content from a Rich Text Editor to Salsa Engage

      1. Open Notepad, TextEdit,, or the plain text editor of your choice.
      2. Open the Salsa Engage Activity or Email into which you want to paste content.
      3. Open the content that you want to copy in your rich text editor (for example, Microsoft Word).
      4. Copy the content that you want to use.
      5. Click to the plain text editor and paste in your content.
      6. Run the process in that plain text editor to strip hidden formatting, if necessary.
      7. Copy the text from the plain text editor.
      8. Click to the Salsa Engage Activity or Email, and paste in the content.


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