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    Use import to change attendee status

    In This Article:

      You can view and manage event attendees from the Attendee List tool when you are editing an event.


      An attendee's status can be changed by choosing a new status and clicking the "Update Attendees" button.


      This works great if you're updating a small number of attendees.  But what if you want to update a bunch of attendees?  Changing the status and updating supporters could be a long and tedious process.


      The way to get around this long and tedious process will be to

      1. Gather event registration information using a report.
      2. Insert the event registration information into a spreadsheet.
      3. Use the spreadsheet to mark supporters as "Attended".
      4. Export the spreadsheet to disk.
      5. Imported the modified event registrations into Salsa.

      The most common request to Salsa Support is to change supporters from "Signed Up" to "Attended".  Let's use that as an example.

      Step 1: Report on supporters

      The first step will be to find the supporters who are signed up.  The best way to do that is to create a custom report.  You can click here to learn more about custom reports.  Create a custom report with this configuration.


      Use the Advanced Object Chooser to select the "Supporter Event" table, then lick the nearest "Save" button.


      The screen will get a lot less complicated after you click "Save".

      The next step is to choose the columns that go on the report.

      • The report *must* include "Supporter Event Key" in the first column. 
      • the report "must" include "Status" in the second column.
      • *The other fields should include information to match the registration when you are viewing the list of supporters.

      If you're not familiar with adding columns then please the section titled "Create a Custom Report: Columns" in this document.

      Here's an example report that you can use as a guide.


      Be sure to choose the Status for "Supporter events" for the second column.


      Please note that you'll want to type in the names in the center column.  That helps in the modification part of this process.

      One the report column are correct, click the "Save" button. 

      There are two conditions.  Use this screenshot as a guide to create the conditions.


      The event_KEY can be found in the browser's address bar when you are editing the event.


      Be sure to choose the Status for "Supporter events" for the second condition.


      Click the "Save" button to save your work.

      Now it's time to export the data so that it can be imported into Excel.  The first step is to click the "Run" button.  That will generate a sample of the report results.


      Click the "Export" link.  That will take you to the export tool.  Use the guidance on this page to export the report results to your inbox.  Then follow the steps at the bottom of that same page to download the results to your disk.

      Step 2: Insert registration data into a spreadsheet

      The next step is to import that data that got downloaded to your disk into Excel.  You can see a concise description of how to do that by clicking here.

      Step 3:Use the spreadsheet to mark supporters as "Attended"

       Once the spreadsheet is open, change the contents of the "Status" field from "Signed Up" to "Attended" for the supporters that attended the list.  Note that Status is case-sensitive.  A supporter that attended must have a status of "Attended". When you get done, you'll have a spreadsheet that looks somewhat like this.


      Step 4: Export the spreadsheet to disk

      When you are done, save the spreadsheet, then export it as a tab-delimited file.  There are many articles on the web that can help with this.  Here's a nice example.

      Step 5:Imported the modified event registrations

      The last step in this process is to import the modified data into Salsa.  We'll do that using a "write-in" import.  You can learn more about write-in imports by clicking here.

      Create a write-in import that looks like this:


      Double-check your work, then click the "Save + Continue" button.  That will slow the second page of the import workflow.

      When the second page of the supporter workflow appears, verify that the input fields are mapped properly.


      Ignore the first line of the import file.  It contains headers and is not useful to import.


      Submit the import by clicking any of the "Support for Upload" buttons.



      And now we're done.  When this import finished, the attendees for your event that were marked as "Attended" in your spreadsheet now have an "Attended" status.



      If you have questions, then please gather this information

      • Your organization_KEY
      • Your chapter_KEY, if you are in a chapter
      • The URL of the event page that you are working on.  You can find this in the browser's address bar when you are editing or viewing the event.
      • A screenshot of the question, if possible.

      Send a message containing this information to  We'll be glad to help.





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