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    Enter a Donation Via eCheck

    In This Article:

      Many constituents use their banking information instead of a credit/debit card to process a donation. You can use Salsa CRM to process donations using this information.

      Note: To enable this option, you must submit an application for eCheck with Salsa Labs. Please contact to confirm if you have the e-check option.

      1. If you are set up to accept eChecks, click the +Gift icon to open the NEW DONATION window.
      2. Enter all of the donation information (Batch, Donor, Amount, Fund/Campaign/Appeal). Note, the constituent will need to have an address on file.
      3. Click Payment (at the top-right of the window), and then select Credit Card.
      4. Click the Charge button (immediately below the Payment type). The PROCESS CARD window will open.
      5. Click the E-Check option.
      6. Enter the Routing Number and Account Number from the constituent.
      7. If the constituent has authorized you to save his or her bank information, click Store Card for Constituent.
      8. Click Charge E-Check.
      9. The account will be authorized through merchant services. If it is declined, you will want to log in to Cardpointe to review the transaction and see why that may not have gone through.
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