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    Disable the WYSIWYG editor

    In This Article:


      The What You See Is What You Get editor provides a lot of handy tools for formatting public-facing pages and email blasts.


      There are some clients, however, that would rather not use the WYSIWYG editor.   These clients generally have another HTML editor that has better capabilities and none of the side effects that the WYSIWYG editor exhibits.

      Unfortunately, there's not a way to disable the WYSIWYG editor for your Salsa HQ account.  It can be disabled for each campaign manager, however.  If you'd like to disable the editor for any or all of your campaign managers, then read on!


      This article shows how to use an import to disable the WYSIWYG editor for one or more campaign managers.  The general steps are

      1. Get a list of campaign manager keys.
      2. Create an import file.
      3. Import the file.

      List campaign manager keys

      The first step is to get a list of campaign manager keys.  The easiest way to do that is to create a custom report on the campaign manager table.  You can click here if you'd like help with creating a custom report.

      Create a standard custom report using the advanced object chooser to select the Campaign Manager table.


      Save that, then click on the "Columns" tab.  Create columns for campaign_manager_KEY and No_WYSIWYG.


      Create an import file

      After you've saved your work, click the "Run Report" button.  You should see something like this.


      Export the results to your inbox.  You can start that process by clicking the "Export" link.  Click here if you need help getting the results into your inbox.  That same document as some steps that you can use to get the results out of your inbox and onto your disk.  Do that next.

      Use your favorite spreadsheet to open the exported data.  You can click here if you need help doing that.

      Change the contents of the second column ("No_WYSIWYG") to a one for each campaign manager that will have the WYSIWYG editor disabled.  Change the contents of the second column to a zero for campaign managers that will keep using the WYSIWYG editor.  Here's an example of disabling the WYSIWYG editor for all campaign managers.


      Save the spreadsheet as a tab-delimited file. 

      Import the file

      The last step is to import the file.  Navigate to Supporter Management -> Manage Imports -> Import Supporters in your Salsa HQ.



      A form will appear (you may have to scroll down to get to it.). Fill in the form using this image as a guide.


      Salsa will display the second page of the import workflow.  Start by making sure that the field mapping is correct.


      Next, tell the importer to skip the first line of your import file.  That's the one with the column headers and we don't need it in the database.


      Now submit the import.


      You'll see a screen like this.  The import will show "Complete" when it's done.



      That's it!  The WYSIWYG editor will be disabled the next time that campaign managers log in.  When they do, they'll see HTML where the WYSIWYG editor used to appear.



      If you have questions then please gather this information.

      Send this information to  We'll be glad to help.


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