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    The "supporter" object

    In This Article:

      The supporter object holds standard information about each supporter in the database. The object is used to retrieve information from the "supporter" table in the database.

      Name Type Notes
      supporter_KEY int(16) auto_increment
      organization_KEY int(16)  
      chapter_KEY int(16)  
      Last_Modified timestamp

      Note: The API cannot change this field.

      Date_Created timestamp Note: The API cannot change this field.
      Title varchar(16)  
      First_Name varchar(32)  
      MI varchar(32)  
      Last_Name varchar(64)  
      Suffix varchar(16)  
      Email varchar(64)  
      Password varchar(32)  
      Receive_Email int enum Salsa uses this field to determine if a supporter gets email. Click here for details.
      Email_Status text enum    'N/A'
      'Soft Bounce'
      'Hard Bounce'
      Email_Preference text enum 'HTML Email'
      'Text Email'
      Soft_Bounce_Count int(16)  
      Hard_Bounce_Count int(16)  
      Last_Bounce datetime  
      Receive_Phone_Blasts tinyint(1)  
      Phone varchar(64)  
      Cell_Phone varchar(64)  
      Phone_Provider varchar(64)  
      Work_Phone varchar(64)  
      Pager varchar(64)  
      Home_Fax varchar(64)  
      Work_Fax varchar(64)  
      Street varchar(64)  
      Street_2 varchar(64)  
      Street_3 varchar(128)  
      City varchar(32)  
      State varchar(32)  
      Zip varchar(10)  
      PRIVATE_Zip_Plus_4 varchar(4)  
      County varchar(32)  
      District varchar(64)  
      Country varchar(64)  
      Latitude float(10,6)  
      Longitude float(10,6)  
      Organization varchar(64)  
      Department varchar(64)  
      Occupation varchar(64)  
      Instant_Messenger_Service 'AOL'
      Instant_Messenger_Name varchar(64)  
      Web_Page varchar(127)  
      Alternative_Email varchar(128)  
      Other_Data_1 varchar(255)  
      Other_Data_2 varchar(64)  
      Other_Data_3 varchar(64)  
      Notes blob  
      Source varchar(64) Note: The API cannot modify this field when creating a record.
      Source_Details varchar(128) Note: The API cannot modify this field when creating a record.
      Source_Tracking_Code varchar(64) Reserved by Salsa.
      Tracking_Code varchar(64)  
      Status text enum 'Active'
      'Temporarily Inactive'
      uid varchar(16)  
      Timezone varchar(16)  
      Language_Code varchar(3)  

      You can also see these files by navigating to the Supporter Management package, then clicking to the Manage Custom Fields link - from the following page, you will click the Standard Fields tab.


      Reservations and Restrictions


      Salsa reserves the Source field written to a new record for characterization of the supporter record's source:

      • File indicates that the supporter was added via an import.
      • Web indicates that the supporter was added via a web page.
      • A null indicates that the supporter was added via an External API call.

      The value of the Source field can be overwritten when the record already exists in the database.


      Salsa reserves the Source_Details field written to a new record to record the HTTP Referer header. In most cases, records created via a Salsa web page will have the URL of the web page in the Source_Details field.


      Salsa reserves the Source_Tracking_Code

      Background: Both signup forms and the API use the /save call documented here:

      Now for some examples. Let's use the /save call to save a new record:


      In this case, the Source_Tracking_Code/save because its reserved by Salsa for new records. If we click that link again, then the record is no longer new, and the Source_Tracking_Code

      To demonstrate how Salsa's reservation on Source_Tracking_Code


      When this call is complete, both Source_Tracking_Code and Tracking_Code will contain ChocolateChips.

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