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    The "email_blast_statistics" object

    In This Article:

      Salsa maintains statistics for each email blast in the "email_blast_statistics" table.  These are the fields in that table.


      Field Type Extra
      email_blast_statistics_KEY int(16)  
      organization_KEY int(16)  
      chapter_KEY int(16)  
      Last_Modified timestamp  
      Date_Created timestamp  
      email_blast_KEY int(16)  Primary key for the email_blast table.
      First_Email_Time datetime
      Last_Email_Time datetime  
      Total_Emails int(11)  
      Emails_Opened int(11)  
      Emails_Clicked int(11)  
      Emails_Failed int(11)  
      Open_Percentage float  
      Click_Percentage float  
      Unsubscribes int(11)  
      Unsubscribe_Percentage float  


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