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    The "email_blast" object

    In This Article:

      An email_blast record contains the text and settings for an email blast.  A blast is the way that a campaign manager can schedule emails to be sent to a selection of supporters.


      Field Type Notes
      email_blast_KEY int(16) Primary key assigned by Salsa
      Last_Modified timestamp  
      Date_Created timestamp  
      Date_Requested timestamp  
      Reference_Name varchar(128)  
      template_KEY int(16)  
      Stage text enum 'New'
      'Stage 1'
      'Stage 2'
      'Stage 3'
      'Sending Emails'
      'Streaming - Disabled'
      'Streaming - Incomplete'
      Subject varchar(128)  
      _From varchar(128)  
      From_Name varchar(128)  
      From_Email_address varchar(255)  
      Reply_To_Email varchar(255)  
      Is_Phone_Blast tinyint(1)  
      Is_Text_Only tinyint(1)  
      organization_KEY int(16)  
      chapter_KEY int(16)  
      campaign_manager_KEY int(16)  
      query_KEY int(16)  
      Test_Email_Address blob  
      Status varchar(32)  
      campaign_KEY int(16)  
      HTML_Content mediumtext  
      Text_Content mediumtext  
      Template varchar(64)  
      Footer blob  
      number_failed int(8)  
      number_sent int(8)  
      total_target_supporters int(8)  
      sources blob  
      Processing_Thread varchar(128)  
      attempts int(4)  
      last_processed_supporter_KEY int(16)  
      Spread_The_Word tinyint(1)  
      Scheduled_Time timestamp  
      Do_Not_Track_URL tinyint(1)  
      Do_Not_Track_Open_Rate tinyint(1)  
      From_Phone_Number varchar(16)  
      Archive tinyint(1)  
      Display_To_User tinyint(1)  
      Disable_Blast tinyint(1)  
      chapter_KEYS mediumtext  
      chapter_KEYS_Negate mediumtext  
      Use_Short_Links tinyint(1)  
      Allow_Syndicated_Duplicates tinyint(1)  
      Auto_DeDupe tinyint(1)  
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