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    FAQ: How Can I See Supporters Who Bounced From A Particular Email Blast?

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      A "hard bounce" happens when, for a reason that appears to be permanent, Salsa Engage cannot deliver an email. Supporters with hard-bounced emails are automatically unsubscribed. Supporters whose emails have hard-bounced on any email blasts can be reported via the Supporter Query.

      1. Select the Supporters section on the left
      2. Select the Query tab. 
      3. Select the Create New Query button on the right.

      Bounced on ANY Email Blast

      If you want to find supporters who bounced on ANY email blast, use the following criteria:

       Email Blast History | Bounced Any

      Bounced on a SPECIFIC Email Blast

      If you are looking to find supporters who bounced on a specific email blast or one of a few blasts, you can choose the operators One of these or All of these.

      This will allow you to choose a specific blast or multiple blasts to search.

      Further information is available on how Salsa handles bounced emails, as well as building Supporter Queries and what you can do with them. 


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