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    FAQ: How Do I Edit the URL of an Email Blast?

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      With email blasts, you have the ability to share them online.  Your supporters can also share them as well.  Many users will create an online archive on their website to allow visitors to access previously sent newsletters.

      When you create an email blast, you can set this up using the Web Version feature.

      Updating the URL

      1. Select the Create the Email tab when setting up an email blast.
      2. Make sure the Web Version slider is set to ON.
      3. Select the Edit Settinglink.
      4. Under the Web Version Settings you can update the extension that is set at the end:

      Web Version Status

      The web version status section will allow you to automatically redirect a user to another page on your site or activity page in Engage after a period of time.  This is typically done when you wish to provide a limited time offer within the email blast(Coupon Codes, specific event time frame, etc.).

      1. On the same screen as Web Version Settings, select the Web Version Status tab.
      2. Select the Redirect at date and time to following page, where you will be prompted to enter the desired date/time at which you want Salsa to redirect page visitors and the desired page to which they would be redirected.


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