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    FAQ: How Do I Add a Supporter to a Group?

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      In most cases, you will be importing supporters into a Group or using our dynamic Groups function to segment supporters based on actions they take. There may be cases where you want to manually add a few supporters to a group due to actions they took outside of an activity form.

      1. Access the Supporters tab in Engage and then click on the Groups tab:
      2. At the bottom of this page, click on the Custom tab and then find the group you want to add the supporter(s).  Click on the name to open it up:
      3. Once the page loads, you will see an option at the very top to manually enter a supporter into the group. Type the supporter's name then click the magnifying glass button to find them. Do this for every supporter you want to add manually.
      4. Click Save Group to retain these changes.

      NOTE: the supporter must already exist.  You cannot use this tool to create a supporter. If you are looking for documentation to add a single supporter or multiple supporters to your account, please check out this article.

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