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    FAQ: How Do I Unpublish My Activity?

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      There may be times where you wish to hide your live Activity after it has been published.  For example, your race is over and you don't want any more donations to be made to a participant, or you want to make edits to your Activity before supporters can register.

      This function is available at the bottom of any page when you are reviewing the activity. This action will take the public page and make it private.

      1. Click the Activities button on the left.
      2. Search for the activity from the main Activities page or go into the respective activity type tab as well. 
      3. Click once on the name to load the Activity.
      4. Once the activity loads, you will see a gear icon at the bottom left of the page and a label that tells you if the activity is Public or Private. Public means that the form is published and available to all. Private means that the current version of the form is not published at all and is not publicly available.  
      5. Click that gear button to make the Activity private. When this is done, the URL to the form provides an error if you navigate to it. This form will also show as private on the main Activity page.

      NOTE: Once a form is Private, selecting the gear icon again will delete the Activity.

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