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    FAQ: How and When Would I Close Batches?

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      Data managers who close batches help to ensure that new donations are not inadvertently attributed to and mixed in with older deposits.  This is very important when it comes to accounting and bank reconciliation. 

      When a Batch is closed it will not be available to be selected on the Donation screen. New or existing donations cannot be added to a Closed batch.

      1. Select the Manage > Batches menu.
      2. Use a Search field at the top of the screen to find your Batch.
      3. Double-click on the Batch Name to open the Batch in a new browser tab.

        NOTE: you may need to disable pop up blockers as the batch page opens in a new tab.
      4. On the Batch Explorer page, you will see the Batch Status field. Change the Batch Status to Closed.
      5. Make sure to Save your changes with the Save button in the lower right.
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