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    FAQ: Add CRM Users

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      Give team members unique logins to Salsa CRM to keep track of their work.

      1. Create a single Constituent record and Save the record.
      2. Select the Access Control table in their record along the Constituent Explorer menu on the left.

      3. Create a User ID. The Suggest button will automatically suggest their first initial and full last name. If a user exists already with that User ID a sequential number will be added to the end. The User ID can be edited manually if the suggestion will not be used.

      4. Add User Email, User Phone, and a Password. The secure password must be at least 8 characters and have at least 3 numeric or special characters ( , . / < > ?( ) ! @ # $ % ^ & * ) and should not be shared with anyone. Passwords are not time-limited and may be manually changed per your organization's standard operating procedures.
      5. Assign a Role. Salsa CRM's Role-based permissions allow for access to functionality based on a user's job needs. Once you set the Role, the Permissions table displays what functionality team members can view or execute.

      6. Save at the bottom right and provide the respective log in name and password to the user.

      NOTE: Your organization must have email server settings configured for users to be able to request password help at login.password_assistance.png



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