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    Add a Canadian Tax Receipt to a Donation

    In This Article:

      Registered Canadian charities may legally issue tax receipts for donations. Should a registered charity decide to issue receipts, the receipts must all conform to a particular standard that has been defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

      Salsa CRM server facilities reside in Canada, as recommended by the CRA. Please see this site for CRA receipt regulations.

      You'll generate most of what you need for your receipting by simply capturing your daily or weekly donation data in Salsa CRM. Compose your receipt template in our cloud-based word processing tool to comply with CRA content requirements. Receipting works like this:

      • Configure Salsa CRM to work with your current receipt numbering scheme.
      • Upload your letter template and customize it to include our receipt merge fields.
      • Attach your receipts in the course of your normal, daily donation data entry.
      • Generate all your one-time receipts in the same deposit batch, or store summary receipts until the beginning of the next calendar year and print at that time.

      Salsa has created one-time and summary receipt templates to make your receipt creation easy. The process for downloading, modifying, and uploading forms is straightforward and simple. Caution: The table rows and columns in the word template must not be modified.

      1. Select the template that you want to use from the link above.
      2. Open the downloaded template in Word or, in the case of a TXT file, your text editor.
      3. Edit the template to customize the branding, contact info, and message. Ensure that you follow the best practices listed at the link above.
      4. Upload the modified template into Salsa CRM. Click here for detailed directions.

      To add a Receipt to a donation...

      1. Fill out a new donation or edit an existing donation.
      2. Select the appropriate Receipt from the Receipt dropdown field.
      3. One-time Receipts may be printed from the Donation record or in the Batch printing. Print Summary Receipts from their own functionality.

      Once you have selected the Receipt, printed the Receipt, and saved the donation, the selected Receipt and Receipt Sent Date fields are "locked in" to prevent any future changes to this information. Any modifications made to the Receipt after it has been printed or sent will not be saved.

      NOTE: If you select a Receipt and don't print it, the Sent field will remain blank. As long as the Sent field is blank, you may select another Receipt. However, it needs to be the same type of Receipt you had initially selected (Tax Deductible vs. Non-Tax Deductible). This is because the Receipt Number has been assigned according to the original Receipt selection. If you have selected a Tax Deductible receipt, the Receipt number corresponds to the numerical range you configured on the Receipts Configuration screen. Therefore, you will not be able to select a Non-Tax Deductible Receipt, as the numerical range for Non-Tax Deductible Receipts does not correspond with the Tax Deductible Receipts.


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