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    FAQ: How Do I Register Guests Who Don't Have An Email Address?

    In This Article:

      Email accounts are ubiquitous and are necessary for many facets of daily living. Just signing up for a new smartphone or internet account usually authorizes a new email address automatically. They are free and easy to get. Gmail and Hotmail are just two examples of free email accounts that may be generated online. Therefore, Salsa assumes that everyone has or can have a unique email address.

      If an Event registration requires an email address, then a unique email address for each registrant must be entered.

      It is not recommended for the same email address to be used for each registrant.

      We do not recommend compound supporter records containing both spouses' names and using one email address.

      If the same email address is used for each guest, deduplication between Engage and Salsa CRM will try to identify existing supporters by email address, and if the email is found to already exist, Salsa CRM will assume that this requires an update to the existing record. This submits the record to the Constituent Update Queue for resolution by a CRM user. At that point, the record either needs to stay the way it already was or it needs to be updated. There is no option to ignore that change and create a new record.

      PRO TIP: Guests who are not the registrant do not have a supporter record created, nor are they synchronized to Salsa CRM to be created as Constituents. Supporters are encouraged to opt-in to receive information from you, by taking action themselves, not by being added by someone else.

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