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    FAQ: How Do I Inform Supporters How To Whitelist Engage Emails?

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      All email bulk delivery is contingent on the reputation of the organization sending the emails. We take great steps in making sure that our email servers are up to the task and have impeccable reputations. Your reputation is important too, as some things can negatively influence the delivery of your emails to the intended targets.

      Supporters can take steps to ensure delivery as well. Email domains tend to deliver email from addresses that are in the Supporters' Contacts if that functionality is available. Safe Senders lists are also widely available.

      Yahoo! Mail

      Add Your "From" Email to Their Contacts

      Add the organization's email address to Yahoo's Mail Contacts.

      1. Click the Help menu at the top right of Yahoo! Mail (the one that looks like a gear).
      2. Click Settings.
      3. Open the Writing email tab.
      4. Make sure the option called Automatically add new recipients to Contacts is selected.

      Create a Filter For The Address

      1. Mouse over the Settings icon Image of the Settings icon. | select Settings.
      2. Click Filters
      3. Click Add.
      4. Enter a Filter Name.
      5. Enter the filter criteria.
      6. Select a folder to deliver the affected emails to or select New Folder to create a new one.
      7. Click Save.
      8. Click Save again to return to your emails.

      MSN Hotmail

      Mark the Sender As Safe

      Bulk email that is initially marked as unsafe can be marked as safe. Supporters may also add your email address to their Hotmail Safe List:

      1. Open your mailbox and click Options (upper right-hand corner).
      2. Click the Junk E-Mail Protection link.
      3. Select the Safe List link.
      4. Copy and paste into the dialog box titled “Type an address or domain”.

      Your entire email domain may also be added to Hotmail, so every one of your emails gets through.

      AOL Mail

      Replying to an email will automatically add the list as a safe sender if you're using AOL webmail. Email from that domain will then be delivered to your inbox. The software recognizes that it's not spam.

      You can also add the name of the sender to your Contacts list. AOL will then recognize that this is someone you want to communicate with.

      1. Click on the sender's email address. A menu should drop down.
      2. Select "Add Contact."


      Add the address to your Google Contacts

      Add the email address that is sending you an email (eg to your Gmail Contacts. Google will usually deliver email from addresses that are in your Contacts.

      1. Open a message from the sender you want to save as a contact in your Gmail address book.
      2. Hover your cursor over the sender's name at the top of the email or click the sender's avatar image to open an information screen.
      3. Click Contact Info on the information screen.
      4. Click the + button on the Google Contacts screen that opens.
      5. Enter the sender's name and any contact information you have for the person. You don't have to fill out all the fields. You can always add information later. Older versions of Gmail entered some of the sender's information automatically, but the current version doesn't.
      6. Click Save to save the new contact or wait while Google automatically saves the contact.

      If Gmail has marked emails you wish to whitelist as spam, tell Gmail the emails are not spam:

      1. In Gmail, navigate to the spam folder.
      2. Search for emails containing the domain you wish to whitelist (eg
      3. Select all the emails shown.
      4. Click More and then Not spam.

      Create a filter for the address

      Create a filter to tell Google to whitelist email from a domain or online group.

      1. Click the cog icon in the top-right corner, and then click Settings.
      2. Click on Filters, and then Create a new filter.
      3. Either enter the domain of the email you want to whitelist in the From field, or enter the email address of the online group you want to whitelist in the To field.
      4. Click Create filter with this search.
      5. In the box headed When a message arrives that matches this search select Never send it to spam.
      6. Click the Create filter button.

      See also Google’s help on Legitimate mail is marked as spam

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