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    Advanced Query Wizard: Create a Patient Services Type Query

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      For an overview of the Advanced Query Wizard and its controls, see Advanced Query Wizard Overview.

      1. From the main menu, choose Reports > Queries Advanced Query Wizard. The Advanced Query Wizard launches.
      2. Click the Create New Query button at the top of the Query Wizard window. This opens a new browser tab for your new query.
      3. From the Query Type panel along the left side of the window, choose the Patient Services.
      4. In the Purpose of this Query section, ensure that General is selected.
      5. Click Next. The Step 2 window of the Advanced Query Wizard opens.
      6. In the Available Fields frame to the left of the window, ensure that the Output radio button is selected.
      7. Double-click a field that you would like to include in your report. It will appear in the Output Fields frame in the center of the window.
      8. Click the Sort radio button at the bottom of the Available Fields frame.
      9. Double-click the criteria you want to you to sort on. The criteria that you selected will appear in the Sort Fields frame to the right of the window.
      10. Click the Filter radio button at the bottom of the Available Fields frame.
      11. Double-click on the fields that you'd like to filter data.
      12. If you want to filter on CRM Internal Form content...
        1. Double-click on Form Content.
        2. Click the Filter radio button.
        3. Click the Form Content field. The Add Filter Criteria box will open.
        4. Choose the Operator "IS LIKE".
        5. Enter the information you wish to filter on in the Value field in the following manner:
          *[Field Name]??[Field Value]
          For example, 
          *Year Founded??2000” would return forms with the Field Name of “Year Founded” and an entry of 2000. The criteria you enter will appear in the Filter Fields frame to the right of the window.
        6. Click OK in the Add Filter Criteria dialog box to add the filter. The field is listed in the Filter Fields section in the top right corner of the wizard screen.
      13. Add any additional filters following the steps above.
      14. Once the fields, sort order, and filters have been properly set, click Next. The data is returned in Step 3 of the wizard.
        Note: Select the Back button to go back one step in the Wizard if you make a mistake and need to change the parameters of the Query.
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