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    FAQ: How Do I Update Multiple Constituents In Multiple Groups?

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      Constituents can be added to any number of groups at the time of import using the Advanced Import module.

      Import Constituent data separately from Donation data. Donation imports cannot have blank data in the required Donation columns, so it's recommended to manage a separate import file for this project.

      Review the instructions for Importing New Constituent data or Updating Existing Constituent data, with one important caveat. There can be only one Group designation per row of data. Create separate rows with identical Constituent Number, First Name, and Last Name and different Group designations. See the image below where the same constituent is imported into multiple Groups.

      When preparing your data for import and the Constituent has to be added to more than one Group...

      1. Copy any Import ID or Constituent Number, First Name, and Last or Org Name values onto new rows at the bottom of the list.
      2. Add a Group column that will assign them to each desired Group. Including the Import ID or Constituent Number is absolutely vital to ensure that the update targets the correct Constituent by using the unique identifier.

       When updating a record originally stored in Salsa CRM using Advanced Import you will need to use the Original Import ID which was originally used when importing the original record into Salsa CRM. The Original Import ID can be found by accessing the constituent record and selecting the Data Sync button located in the lower right-hand corner of the constituent record. By selecting this button the Data Sync Link window will appear. This window will contain the vendor name and Import ID. Add this Import ID to the corresponding constituent record on the file that you are preparing to import into Salsa CRM.

      PRO TIP: If the Data Sync button does not appear on the constituent record, select Manage from the main menu. Then select Configuration and on the General page, click to select the Display Data Sync Map Button checkbox.

      If the constituent was not originally entered into Salsa CRM through the Advanced Import module, you will need to include the Constituent Number to the corresponding constituent record on the file that you are preparing to import into Salsa CRM. 

      Because Import ID or Constituent Number is used in the import process, these records will be caught in the Resolution Queue as a Constituent Update status. It is appropriate and recommended to use the Resolve All functionality to resolve all Constituent Update situations.

      Please see this article to update one Group from a Spreadsheet using the Advanced Query Wizard.

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