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    FAQ: How Do I Cancel a Ticketed Event Registration?

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      The process for canceling a ticketed event registration in Engage begins with refunding the submitter.

      • Select the Activities menu on the left.
      • Select the Events tab.
      • Select the Event in which the supporter registered.
      • Select the Results tab at the top, if not automatically selected.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the screen. The By Submissions tab should be automatically selected; if not, please select the By Submissions tab.
      • Use the Search field to search for the supporter.
      • Select the row for that supporter's registration.
      • Select the Refund Entire Payment button to the right.
      • There are three options when refunding payments: 
        1. Cancel all tickets and refund payment.
        2. Cancel all tickets but keep payment as a donation.
        3. Refund all tickets without canceling them.
      • Select the appropriate combination of refunding/canceling tickets and select OK.
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