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    FAQ: Resend Fundraiser Setup Email

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      For Peer to Peer events, registrations may include the option to set up a Fundraising page to support your event. If a supporter chooses to create their fundraising page later, they may misplace or inadvertently delete the registration email. Resend this email to them from within your event.

      NOTE: Setup emails must be sent individually; setup emails cannot all be resent at once.

      1. Select the Activities menu.
      2. Select the Peer-to-Peer tab.
      3. Select the Results tab.
      4. At the bottom of the Results page, there are 2 options: By submissions and By registrations. Click on the By registrations tab.
      5. Under the Fundraising Page column, any fundraising pages that have not been completed will have Pending.
      6. Click on the name and you will see their details come up. 
      7. In the middle of this page, there will be a button that says Re-send Fundraiser Setup Email. Select the button to resend the email and the email will be sent immediately.
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