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    Fundraiser Registration Updates - February 2019

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      When Salsa first released Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events for Salsa Engage, fundraisers could only purchase one fundraising registration in a single transaction and create an account only at the time of registration. Campaign Managers provided us with feedback that they wanted their supporters to be able to purchase multiple fundraising registrations in one transaction.

      In March 2018, Salsa released a shopping cart model, where supporters could purchase fundraising registrations for third parties and also defer creating those fundraising pages until a later time. Those fundraisers receive an email with a link to create the fundraising page at their convenience. Until the supporter clicked the link in the email to create the fundraising page, the page would remain in a 'pending' status and hidden from the public event page and from campaign managers in the Engage peer-to-peer event management module.

      Updates to the Registration Process

      This February, Salsa made a change to the way that fundraising pages are generated and presented on the public event page. For any fundraising registrations that occur after the release on February 7, 2019, all fundraising pages are generated and publicly available at the time of registration. There are almost no perceptible changes to the checkout process for supporters, with a couple of exceptions:

      • If Campaign Managers configure the peer-to-peer event fundraising option as 'required', then a supporter who purchases a fundraising registration for themselves must create their fundraising account during registration.
      • Fundraisers will only see a 'Do this later' page completion option when the peer-to-peer event fundraising option is configured as 'optional'.
      • The supporter purchasing the registrations has the option to select a fundraising team for any third party registrants at the time of checkout.

      Benefits of the Updates

      As a result of these changes:

      • Every fundraising page is immediately available on the public event page as soon as the supporter completes the checkout process. This way, the purchaser and all event page visitors will be able to search for and donate to any fundraising page immediately.
      • Fundraisers who have yet to create an account and customize their fundraising page will be listed as part of the team that was selected for them during checkout. Team captains will no longer need to wonder why they can't see all of their team members on the live site.

      Since the fundraising pages will exist immediately, a campaign manager will be able to move that page from one team to another, and they will be able to reallocate donations to and from that page, as necessary. A campaign manager will also be able to enter offline donations attributed to that fundraising page.

      Fundraising Pages Frequently Asked Questions

      Pending Status

      Future registrants associated with registrations purchased on or after February 7, 2019, will no longer have a 'Pending' status in the By Registrations tab of the Results screen in peer-to-peer events. The 'Fundraising Page' column will say 'Yes' when fundraising is required. If fundraising is configured to be optional for the registration, then the column will say 'Yes' or 'No', depending on the supporter’s choice. For non-fundraising registrations, the column will always say 'N/A', since fundraising is not available for these registration types.

      Using the Pending Status as a Signed Waiver Test

      Sometimes Campaign Managers used to use the 'Pending' status to determine who needed to sign a waiver. Now, in the CSV export of the By registrations tab of the Results screen, there is a new column titled 'Waiver'. This column will indicated 'Yes' for supporters who either checked the waiver checkbox during checkout or who checked the waiver checkbox at a later time when they created their fundraising account.

      Default Fundraising Page Name

      Page names and URLs of the fundraising pages are automatically generated for supporters who do not create their pages at the time of checkout. The default name of the fundraising page will be 'Firstname Lastname’s Page'. Supporters who click the link in the autoresponder email to create an account and customize their page will have the ability to change the name, if they would like. The URL of the page will be in the format At this time, the URL cannot be edited after the checkout is complete.

      Default Fundraising Page Elements

      A: Default fundraising goals for individuals and teams can be set on the Setup step of the Peer-to-Peer Event. A default profile picture, cover photo, and statement can be set on the Compose step of the 'Fundraiser Page' step of the workflow. Supporters have the option to edit all of these defaults when they create an account and customize their page.

      Third Party Registrant Autoresponders

      Event participants will receive the 'P2P: Complete Your Fundraiser Registration' autoresponder when someone purchases a fundraising registration on their behalf.

      Suspending a Fundraising Page

      If a supporter does not want their page to be created automatically at the time of registration or would like their public fundraising page to be removed from the event page, a campaign manager can suspend the fundraising page to remove it from the public event page.

      Changing Pending Pages to Live Pages

      If you have existing registrations where the fundraising page is marked as 'Pending', resend the setup email to the supporter. Perhaps they inadvertently deleted it. 

      NOTE: Setup emails must be sent individually; setup emails cannot all be resent at once.

      To resend a setup email...

      1. Click the Activities menu.
      2. Select the Peer-to-Peer tab.
      3. Select the Results tab.
      4. At the bottom of the Results page, there are 2 options: By submissions and By registrations. Click on the By registrations tab.
      5. In the table, any supporters who have not completed their registration have a status of Registered and a Fundraising Page value of Pending.
      6. Click on the name. You will see their Registration details come up. 
      7. In the middle of this page, there will be a button that says Re-send Fundraiser Setup Email. Select the button to resend the email and the email will be sent immediately.

      The Salsa Support team can change all the Pending fundraising pages for all of those supporters at once. If you would like us to automatically convert all 'Pending' fundraising pages to 'Yes', then please send an email to with your request. Please include the name of your Engage account and the names of the events for which you would like the pages to be generated. Here’s what will happen next...

      1. Once you have submitted your request, a Salsa team member will kick off the process to generate fundraising pages for all 'Pending' pages in the requested event.
      2. Once the process is finished, all registrations where the fundraising page was marked as 'Pending' will be marked as 'Yes' and a fundraising page will be publicly visible on the event page.
      3. Fundraising pages will match to existing supporters where possible. Otherwise, a new supporter record will be created.
        • If at least one supporter record exists with the registrant's email address, then Engage will use that supporter record as the owner of the fundraising page. However, Engage will never overwrite data in existing supporter records with any registrant data.
        • If the supporter record does not exist, Engage will:
          1. Create a supporter record, using any standard supporter data that is available, e.g. title, name, address, phone, etc.
          2. Associate the event activity with the supporter record.
          3. Associate the fundraiser account with the supporter record.
          4. The supporter record will not be automatically opt-in or opt-out for email subscription. The supporter record will have an email subscription status of 'Email Consent Unknown' until the supporter takes some explicit action to change it, such as submitting an Engage signup form.
      4. If a donation made during the registration process should have been attributed to the automatically generated page, then it will be listed on the page, as expected. This can happen in one of two scenarios:
        • A purchaser chose to make a donation at the same time that they registered as a fundraiser (for example, they chose the 'Me' option during checkout and created their fundraising page at that time).
        • A purchaser checked out with exactly one third-party fundraiser registration in their cart and made a donation during the checkout process.
        • In all other scenarios, the donation won’t appear on the page automatically, but it can always be reallocated to the appropriate fundraising page.
      5. Fundraising pages automatically generated in this way will not be assigned to a team, since the supporter had not reached the point in the account created process where they would have selected a team. A campaign manager can assign the fundraiser to a team in the Management step of the event.
      6. If a supporter’s registration is refunded or cancelled, this will not remove any associated fundraising pages. Their fundraising page will still be live and can accept donations.
        If you would like to remove their ability to fundraise, then suspend the fundraising page.
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