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    Engage API: Merge Supporter Records

    In This Article:

      The API provides the ability to fully merge all activity data for two supporter records. When invoked, all activities performed by one supporter will be merged into another supporter and the supporter whose records were merged will be deleted from the system.  This call enables the ability to consolidate two supporter records into a single supporter record.  Please be aware that this call will primarily merge the activity records and not census data -that is the responsibility of the caller. It should also be understood that this operation is NOT reversible.

      End Point
      POST /api/integration/ext/v1/supporters/merge Provides the ability to merge to supporter records.

      All calls listed above require that the API token be sent in the HTTP header using the parameter name authToken=<your_auth_token> 

      Request Body Format

      The request body format is as follows:

         "payload": {
           "destination": {"readOnly": true, "supporterId": "206b0198-c5c2-47be-9839-b99fc44ca9a0"},
           "source": {"supporterId": "788d3597-a669-45c7-a070-7721f1b4b277"}
      destination payload The supporter object that all data will be merged into. This object needs to at a minimum have the supporterId attribute.
      readOnly destination
      • Flag to indicate if the supporter information contained within the destination object should be applied to the supporters record. 
        Specifying false will not modify the supporter record. Specifying true will modify the supporter record to reflect what was provided in the call.


      Partial Updates

      At this time, the API does not support partial updates of a specific object. If an address is provided with a supporter, all fields
      of the address will be updated - including nulls, empty strings.

      However, not all objects need to be provided within a supporter call. If you desire to just update the census information of a supporter, then
      you only need to provide that object for each supporter- but you must provide the supporterId and census information

      Response Body Format

      The response body format is as follows. All data provided in the request will be returned in the response.  Additionally, a result attribute will be added to the source, destination, and main payload.

      Result values:

      • FOUND - will be reported for the destination supporter if no updates were specified to be performed
      • UPDATE - will be reported for the destination supporter if updates were specified. It will also be reported on the main payload if the merge operation was successful
      • NOT_FOUND - will be reported for the destination or source supporter if the provided id(s) do not exist
      • DELETED - will be reported for the source supporter on a successful merge
      • VALIDATION_ERROR - will be reported on the main payload if either the source or the destination supporter is not found, or a request to update the destination was specified and validation errors occurred during that update
      • SYSTEM_ERROR - if the merge could not be completed. 
             "payload": {
                "destination": {"readOnly": true, "supporterId": "206b0198-c5c2-47be-9839-b99fc44ca9a0", "result": "READ"},
                "source": {"supporterId": "788d3597-a669-45c7-a070-7721f1b4b277","result": "DELETED"}, 
                "result": "UPDATED"
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