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    Common Merchant Account Response Codes

    In This Article:

      Sometimes processing credit cards can fail. There are various reasons why this can happen. The response codes for these transactions can sometimes be vague; however, some of the response codes are explicit. For example, if it says "Declined", either the supporter had insufficient funds for a debit card or insufficient credit limit for a credit card.

      These are the most common reasons for the failure of a credit card transaction:

      • Insufficient funds for a debit card or checking account.
      • Insufficient credit limit for a credit card.
      • The credit card account will not allow "card not present" transactions.
      • Account Number was entered incorrectly.
      • Expiration Date was entered incorrectly.
      • The card has expired.
      • CVV code was entered incorrectly.
      • Your Merchant Services account was incorrectly configured.
      • Card was reported lost or stolen.

      Common Response Codes

      FNOR 01 "Refer to issuer"
      FNOR 03 "Invalid merchant"
      FNOR 05 "Do not honor"
      FNOR 12 "Invalid transaction"
      FNOR 13 "Invalid amount"
      FNOR 14 "Invalid card number"
      FNOR 25 "Invalid terminal"
      FNOR 51 "Declined"
      FNOR 54 "Wrong expiration"
      FNOR 55 "Incorrect pin"
      FNOR 57 "Invalid txn for card"
      FNOR 60 "Declined" # Capture card
      FNOR 61 "Exceeds withdrawal limit"
      FNOR 63 "Service not allowed"
      PPS 11 "Invalid card"
      PPS 13 "Bad card check digit"
      PPS 14 "Non-numeric CVV"
      PPS 15 "Non-numeric expiry"
      PPS 16 "Card expired"
      PPS 37 "CVV mismatch"
      RPCT 100 "Do not honor"
      RPCT 101 "Expired card"
      RPCT 102 "Suspected fraud"
      RPCT 104 "Restricted card"
      RPCT 105 "Call acquirer security department"
      RPCT 506 "Invalid Checking Account Number"
      RPCT 507 "New Account Information available"
      RPCT 509 "Do not try again The card has expired"
      RPCT 510 "New Account Information The card has expired"
      RPCT 512 "Service not allowed"
      NASH 12 "Invalid Transaction"
      NASH 57 "Invalid txn for card"
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