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    Adjusting The Integration

    In This Article:

      This document describes how Engage admins can adjust the frequency of integration calls to Salesforce. This document is important for data managers to understand how much information is syncing to and from Salesforce and how it relates to the API call limits and subsequent data fees relating to the Salesforce interface.

      API Call Limits

      The integration between Salsa Engage and Salesforce utilizes the Salesforce API to read data in Salesforce and make updates. Some of the options provided in the integration allow you to manage Salesforce API usage. Salesforce limits how many API calls may be transacted in any rolling 24-hour period for a certain cost. You can always request more and pay for more API calls from Salesforce. Bulk API allows us to send big data sets to Salesforce for bulk processing. Some elements of the integration will use this API when updating a lot of records at once.
      We provide a real-time usage dashboard that shows a percentage of your API request threshold that has been reached at the time the page is loaded and the percentage of the Bulk API requests processed. 

      Adjusting Sync Frequency

      While having updates apply on both sides can be done as frequently as every 5 minutes, you may need to adjust your settings to meet your API call limits.

      Scheduled Syncing

      Scheduled Syncing enables or disables the possibility of scheduling when your sync runs.

      If enabled, you choose how often the integration automatically syncs. If disabled, the integration syncs only when manually selected or if you choose to resend all data.

      Scheduled Sync Frequency

      If Scheduled Syncing is enabled, the next step is setting how often the integration should be scheduled to sync. The first option defines the frequency of synchronizations, and the second option sets a start date and time to run the first automatic sync.

      Last Sync Date/Time

      The date and time of the last instance of the Engage and Salesforce sync displays at the bottom of the Sync Status section, just above the Manual Sync button.


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