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    FAQ: What If I Have Multiple Event Locations?

    In This Article:

      Organizations who hold peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P) events in multiple cities on multiple dates should create separate Engage pages for these events. For example, create foundation 5K walks in New York, Chicago, Houston, and Las Vegas.

      1. Each P2P event allows for only one date, time, and location of the event. Multiple dates, times, and locations by necessity requires a separate page for each event.
      2. Each P2P event allows for only one Fund, Campaign, and Appeal to be applied to each event. If your event sites are categorized by Campaign as a best practice, then by necessity, this requires a separate page for each event.
      3. P2P Events can be cloned so that once the first site is completed, simply copy the event to a new event and change the date, time, location, Fund, Campaign, and Appeal.

      Create a single event landing page on your organization web site that links out to the registration pages for each of the individual event locations. Our Button widget would be ideal for this scenario.

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