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    The "action" object

    In This Article:

      The action object is created when a campaign manager configures a advocacy action or petition. The action object provides information that Salsa can use to create pages for

      • Targeted actions
      • Blind targeted actions
      • Multi-content targeted actions (MCTA)
      • Petitions
      • Express actions (in some clients)
      • Bare bones (in some clients)

      Please note that targeted actions send a message to a target based on the supporter's address.  A supporter fills out a form and submits it.  Salsa delivers the content to the correct target for the supporters.

      Petitions, on the other hand, simply gather signatures and comments.  Petitions are not delivered automatically and need to be send/mailed/hand-carried to the petition targets.


      Here is how supporter_address is related to other database tables.


      The downstream database tables provide information about

      • Action targets (typically legislators)
      • Letters to the targets as configured by the campaign manager
      • Letters to the targets as sent by supporters
      • Petition content

      The downstream database has different tables for actions and for petitions.  That will be highlighted as needed in the documentation about the downstream tables.

      Format notes

      • Salsa timestamps are encoded as "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS", where all elements are numeric and "HH" is on a 24 hour clock.
      • Salsa timestamps are in the "America/NewYork" timezone (GMT-5), aka Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).


      Field Type Notes
      action_KEY int(16) Primary key for the action table.
      organization_KEY int(16) Primary key for the organization table.
      chapter_KEY int(16) Primary key for a chapter if the organization contains chapters.
      Last_Modified timestamp Date-time that the action was last modified.
      Date_Created timestamp Date-time that the action was created.
      Reference_Name varchar(128) Internal name for the action/petition.
      Title varchar(200) The action/petition's title.  Optional.
      action_topic varchar(128) Campaign manager provides this. Salsa matches it against the list of topics provided by the legislators.
      Description text Description, generally used to inform supporters about the importance of an action or petition.
      Allow_Comments tinyint(1) (Petition) Allows a petition signer to add a comment.
      Comment_Question text (Petition) if "Allow_Comments" is true, then the question to ask in order to get a comment.
      Max_Number_Of_Emails int(16) Maximum number of emails to send.  Essentially unlimited if not set.
      Max_Number_Of_Faxes int(16) Maximum number of faxes to send.
      Signatures enum

      (Petition) Denotes what to show at the bottom of the petition.

      • Do not show signatures
      • Show number of signers
      • Show number and most recent signers
      Signature_Goal int(11) (Petition) The desired number of signatures.  Used to determine if the petition is effective.
      Deadline date Last date for the action.
      Signature_Minimum_for_Display int(11) (Petition) Minimum number of petition signatures to be collected before the signatures appear at the bottom of the petition.
      Allow_Anonymous tinyint(1)

      (Petition) Allow supporters to be anonymous.  Supporter names are collected, but not displayed, if this value is true.

      0 = false
      1 = true

      Footer text Content that appears at the bottom of an action.
      Request text Comma-separated list of supporter fields to collect (for example, First_Name,Last_Name,Street,etc.)
      Required text Comma-separated list of supporter fields that must be collected when a supporter takes an action.
      Thank_You_Text text  The text that appears in an automatically generated thank you page.
      redirect_path varchar(256) URL of the page that the supporter will see after the action is complete.
      alternate_action_path varchar(255)  
      email_trigger_KEYS text Comma-separated list of email trigger (autoresponse) keys to send when a supporter takes an action.
      add_to_groups_KEYS text Comma-separated list of groups keys that a supporter will be added to automatically after taking an action.
      optionally_add_to_groups_KEYS text Comma-separated list of groups keys that a supporter may choose to join when taking an action.
      Restriction_Type enum
      • No Restrictions
      • Restricted
      Restricted_Regions text  
      Restricted_Districts text  
      Restricted_Text text Text to display when the supporter's address is not in the list of restricted regions and/or districts.
      No_Target_Text text Text to display when there is not a target to receive the supporter's letter.
      template_KEY int(16) Primary key for the template table.  Templates provide look-and-feel for actions and petitions.
      Style enum

      Denotes the kind of advocacy action.

      • Petition
      • Targeted
      • Multi-Content
      • Blind

      These styles are not available to all clients.

      • Phone Response
      • Bare-Bones
      • Express
      style_path text  
      Status enum

      Denotes whether an action can be viewed or not.

      • Active
      • Inactive
      linkRequest text  
      linkRequired text  
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