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    The "supporter_address" object

    In This Article:

      When a supporter is assigned an address it's stored into the supporter table.  When a supporter is assigned additional addresses, they are stored in the supporter_address table.  The most common usage for this table is to store a shipping, mailing or street address that's different from the one in the supporter record.


      Here is how supporter_address is related to other database tables.


      Format notes

      • Salsa timestamps are encoded as "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS", where all elements are numeric and "HH" is on a 24 hour clock.
      • Salsa timestamps are in the "America/NewYork" timezone (GMT-5), aka Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).


      Field Type Notes
      supporter_address_KEY int(16) Primary key for the supporter_address table.
      organization_KEY int(16) Primary key for the organization_table.
      chapter_KEY int(16) Primary key for the chapter_table if chapters are enabled for the organization.
      supporter_KEY int(16) Primary key for the supporter that owns this address.
      address_KEY int(16) Not used.
      donation_KEY int(16) Not used.
      Last_Modified timestamp Date-time that this record was last modified.  See "Format Notes" above.
      Date_Created timestamp Date-time that this record was created.  See "Format Notes" above.
      Date_Valid date Date that the address becomes valid as "YYYY-MM-DD".
      Shipping_First_Name varchar(32)  
      name varchar(128)  
      Shipping_Last_Name varchar(32)  
      email varchar(255) Alternative email for this address.  Cannot be used in email blasts.
      phone varchar(64)  
      fax varchar(64)  
      address_line varchar(64) Equivalent to Street in supporter table.
      address_line_2 varchar(64) Equivalent as Street_2 in supporter table.
      address_line_3 varchar(64) Equivalent to Street_3 in supporter table.
      municipality varchar(32) Equivalent to City in supporter table.
      region varchar(32) Equivalent to State in supporter table.
      postal_code varchar(12) Equivalent to Zip in supporter table.
      postal_code_extension varchar(5)  
      county varchar(64)  Equivalent to County in supporter table.
      country char(2) Equivalent to Country in supporter table.
      type enum

      One of the following

      • Shipping
      • Mailing
      • Secondary
      • Home
      • Work
      • Billing
      • Old Home
      • Work
      • Other
      is_undeliverable tinyint(1)  
      text text  


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