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    FAQ: Electon's Over... When Can I Expect Congress to Update in Engage?

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      After an election, the outgoing Congress still has to close out business. Your old Representatives remain in place until the end of the session. State legislators, if any are still in session, will finish out their terms until the newly elected officials are sworn in.

      The US Congress is always sworn in on January 3 of the following year. State legislators will be sworn in according to each individual legislature’s calendar, usually when the session starts.  After the swearing in, it may take a few days for the new legislators to get their offices set up, have their websites built, hire office staff, and even get phone lines in place.

      Once contact information for the new legislators has been made available to Salsa’s legislative data partner, KnowWho, we will add that information into Salsa Engage. 

      If you have any questions, please reach out to the support team.

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