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    FAQ: How Do I Remove CRM Users?

    In This Article:

      Once you have created a user profile on a constituent record, you cannot delete that user record. If you delete the constituent record altogether, that deletes the user profile as well. Instead of performing that 'nuclear option' of deleting constituent records, this article describes how to remove user access and retain the constituent record.

      Changing the password is definitely effective if you don't share the password with the deprecated user. More importantly, remove the user's Selected Role. A user must have a Role in order to log in successfully to Salsa CRM. This will render the user unable to log in.

      1. Access the constituent record you wish to modify.
      2. Select the Access Control table in the Constituent Explorer menu on the left.
      3. Change the password to something random. The secure password must be at least 8 characters and have at least 3 numeric or special characters ( , . / < > ?( ) ! @ # $ % ^ & * ), and not shared with anyone.
      4. Click one of the Selected Roles in the window on the right.
      5. Use the double arrow that points to the left between the Available Roles and Selected Roles windows to remove all Selected Roles.
      6. Save this setting.

      When a user attempts from that point forward to log in with that User ID, even if they somehow manage to get the changed password, a message displays in the browser that 'The ID "<username>" has no permissions assigned to it'.


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