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    The "supporter_action" object

    In This Article:

      The "supporter_action" is a many-to-many mapping table that links supporters to action. A supporter can take many actions and can take each action more than one.  An action can be linked back to several supporters.


      Field Type Notes
      supporter_action_KEY int(16) Primary key for the supporter_action table.
      organization_KEY int(16) Primary key for the organization table.
      chapter_KEY int(16) Primary key for the chapter table.
      supporter_KEY int(16) Primary key for the supporter_table, required.
      action_KEY int(16) Primary key for the action table, required.
      Last_Modified timestamp Date-time record was last modified. See "Format Notes".
      Date_Created timestamp Date-time record was created. Interpreted as the date that the supporter took the specified action. See "Format Notes".
      supporter_action_comment_KEY int(16) Primary key for the supporter_action_comment table used in petitions.
      Anonymous enum Unused since Actions2.
      tracking_code varchar(45) Unused since Actions2.

      Format notes

      • Salsa timestamps are encoded as "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS", where all elements are numeric and "HH" is on a 24 hour clock.
      • Salsa timestamps are in the "America/NewYork" timezone (GMT-5), aka Eastern Standard Time (EST).


      This image shows how supporters are linked to an action via the supporter_action object.


      Please view the attachment to see how supporter_action_comment fits into the overall table structure for advocacy actions.


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