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    The "supporter_action_comment" object

    In This Article:

      The supporter_action_comment table contains comments made on Advocacy petitions.  Petitions differ from targeted actions by the fact that they are not sent to the legislator.  Delivery is left up to the organization that publshed the petition.


      Field Type Notes
      supporter_action_comment_KEY int supporter action comment KEY
      Last_Modified timestamp The date of the last modification to the Comment.
      Date_Created timestamp The date the supporter commented on the petition
      action_KEY int The primary key for the advocacy action containing the petition.  Required
      Comment mediumtext Comment
      MD5 varchar MD5 checksum for Comment.


      Format notes

      • Salsa timestamps are encoded as "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS", where all elements are numeric and "HH" is on a 24 hour clock.
      • Salsa timestamps are in the "America/NewYork" timezone (GMT-5), aka Eastern Standard Time (EST).


      This image shows how supporters are linked to supporter_action_comment.


      Please view the attachment to see how supporter_action_comment fits into the overall table structure for advocacy actions.


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