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    The "unsubscribe" object

    In This Article:

      The unsubscribe table contains a record for each time that any supporter unsubscribes. The record describes the source, date and an optional reason for the supporter unsubscribing.


      Field Type Notes
      unsubscribe_key int Primary key for the table
      supporter_KEY int supporter KEY for the supporter being unsubscribed.
      email_blast_KEY int email blast KEY if the unsubscribe is from an email blast.
      last_modified timestamp Last modified (see notes)
      Unsubscribe_Date timestamp Date-time that the supporter unsubscribes.  Defaults to the current date (see notes)
      Email varchar Email address for the unsubscribed supporter.
      Unsubscribe_Method enum 'Web Page'
      'Soft Bounce Count'
      'Hard Bounce Count'
      'Email Filter'
      Details varchar Details
      Supporter_Removed tinyint 0=supporter record was not removed
      1=supporter record was removed
      reason mediumtext Optional reason, typically provided by the supporter in an  unsubscribe page.

      Format notes

      • Salsa timestamps are encoded as "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS", where all elements are numeric and "HH" is on a 24 hour clock.
      • Salsa timestamps are in the "America/NewYork" timezone (GMT-5), aka Eastern Standard Time (EST).


      This image shows how unsubscribe records  are linked to a supporter record.


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