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    FAQ: What Should I Do with Supporters Who Are Not Responding to My Emails?

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      Every email list decays about 2.1% a month, according to Marketing Sherpa data. In other words, each year about one-fifth of the people in your list are no longer using the email address that you have or are not paying attention to the emails that you are sending them. Email Service Providers like Gmail, YahooMail, and Outlook will penalize you if you consistently send to lists of unengaged recipients. Sending emails repeatedly to working email addresses of unengaged supporters (those who have stopped opening your emails) will slowly cause your domain’s email reputation to deteriorate and increase spam triggers.

      Email addresses that don't exist any more are considered Hard Bounces in Engage. They are unsubscribed automatically and won't get your emails, even if you retain the supporter record. What should you do about the ones who are just ignoring your emails?

      Engaged subscribers open or click an email or make a donation within your selected timeframe. If a supporter hasn't done any of those things, you can count them as inactive. Using a Supporter Query to define your audience in your email blast, create Rules that determine which supporters are not responding to the calls for action in your email blasts or making donations.

      The image below contains an example of the query rules that define an audience while creating an email blast. Everyone who ever received one of your email blasts but has never taken action through one of your Engage forms...

      • Email Blast History "was targeted in" ANY [or in specific email blasts you choose]
      • AND Activity Form "submitted" ANY EVER [or in a timeframe you choose]


      Use a Supporter Query to identify any supporters who get this "last chance" email and still don't respond to your call to action. Add them to a custom, static Group that will be excluded from receiving future emails as a group Who should NOT receive this email.

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