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    Canceling and Refunding Donations

    In This Article:

      Within Salsa Engage, you have the ability to refund a donation made through your activities.  With Events and Peer to Peer, you can refund a registration.

      When you process the refund in Engage, this will automatically process the refund in CardPointe.  For those using Salsa CRM, this will also reverse the donation record.    

      Refunding an Individual Donation or Registration

      The quickest way to identify a donation or registration to refund is to search on the Transactions page in Engage.  You can search for your supporter's name and then click on the Amount to bring up the record:

      mceclip0.pngWhen you are navigated to the transaction record, you will be prompted to Refund the donation at the bottom right:

      This will prompt you to confirm the refund.  This will then refund the specific transaction in CardPointe.  These are linked via the PNREF column.

      Cancelling a recurring donation

      When you receive feedback from a supporter that they would like to cancel their recurring donation, this is done on the specific recurring record.  You would use the same method to search for their record on the Transactions page.  The recurring donations will be labeled as such versus one-time donations:



      Once the transaction loads, at the bottom right there will be a Cancel all future donations icon:


      For any installments that did process, you can refund those individually.

      Cancelling a registration

      When cancelling/refunding registrations for Events or Peer to Peer, you will be prompted with a few different options in regards to cancelling the ticket.  You will use the same method of searching on the Transactions page to identify the registration.  You can also search on the Results page of the event as well.  Once you identify the specific registration you wish to cancel or refund, you will see the following section below:


      Once you click on Refund/Cancel Ticket, you will see the following module with 3 options:


      *If your event registration was free, it will only prompt you to cancel the ticket

      • With the first option, this will cancel all tickets included in the submission from your supporter and refund the amount paid.

      • The second option will cancel the tickets but allow your organization to keep the money provided.  This typically happens when your supporter wishes to gift their registrations but will not be attending your event.

      • The third option will refund the amount but will still consider their tickets valid.  This option is used when someone registered and neglected to use a discount code that you created.

      Refunding transactions after 60 days

      We do have a refund limit for transactions.  This is done to prevent team members in your organization from inadvertently refunding a transaction. 


      When this happens, they will be prompted with a message that they cannot process the refund.  They can still click Mark as Refunded.  This will mark the transaction in Engage as refunded but not process this through the Payment Gateway.  Your finance team will need to log into CardPointe and identify the specific record under the Reporting tab to process that refund individually.


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