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    Configure your campaign manager credentials to delete supporters

    In This Article:

      The ability to delete supporters in Salsa Classic is a configurable option, even if you are a Super Admin.   Salsa does that so that campaign managers cannot accidentally do damage to the supporter database. 


      If you are not a Super Admin, then you'll need to get in touch with a Super Admin to make this change.

      If you are a Salsa Super Admin, then here are some steps that you can use so that you can delete supporters.

      1. Navigate to the the administrative page.
        • If you are a SysAdmin for your whole organization, then choose "Campaign Managers" from the long list of options.
        • If you are a SysAdmin for your chapter, then choose "Edit your Campaign Managers".
      2. The list of campaign managers will appear. 
      3. Click the "Details" link beside your name.
      4. The campaign manager editor window will appear.
      5. Locate the "Permissions and Roles" section.  You'll find it midway down the right-hand column.
      6. Click the checkmark for "Allow Bulk Actions". Then click the "Change Type" button.
      7.   Success!  You can delete supporters now.


      This setting takes effect the next time that you log in.  You can confirm that the permissions are working by creating a query.

      1. Navigate to "Query/Export" section of Supporter Management
      2. Create a query that chooses supporters who have something in the First Name field.
      3. Submit the query. The second page of the query workflow will appear.
      4. Scroll down until you see a large red area named "Bulk Supporter Operations".  That's where supporters can be deleted.
      5. If that appears, then you've confirmed that you can delete supporters.

      Questions?  Comments?

      If you have questions or comments, then please send mail to  Please include your organization name.  If you're an a chapter, please provide your chapter name.  We'll be glad to help.


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