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    Integrate Salsa CRM with Quickbooks Online

    In This Article:

      Quickbooks Online supports uploading a very minimalist set of data (Date of transaction, a Description of the transaction, and the Amount of the transaction) in a CSV (comma-delimited) formatted file. After the import you can enter any additional information, such as the category and payee for a transaction, on the For Review tab of the Banking page. QuickBooks Online will enter information automatically if you have set up any banking rules, or if QuickBooks Online recognizes the descriptions of your transactions.

      You can export any Finance Export in comma-delimited format to take advantage of this. You may need to remove all the columns except for the ones mentioned above, using Fund Name as the Description, for example.

      Importing is also possible with third-party tools, which import Excel and CSV files from Salsa CRM and convert them into a Quickbooks Online compatible format. The following applications may be a suitable for importing content from Salsa CRM to Quickbooks Online:


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