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    FAQ: How Do I Add YouTube Videos To My Forms?

    In This Article:

      You can embed YouTube videos in forms by using the HTML element in the Visual Editor. If Salsa Engage permits you to add an HTML element to the page, you can also embed a YouTube video.

      1. In YouTube, open the video that you want to use.
      2. Click the Share button beneath the video. A dialog with a sharable URL will open.
      3. Click the EMBED button. The Embed Video dialog will open.
      4. Select your Embed Options, and then click COPY to copy the html to your clipboard.
      5. Open Salsa Engage (if you do not already have it open). 
      6. If you do not already have it open, navigate to the Compose step of your form.
      7. Click the Elements tab, and then click and drag the HTML element to the place on your form where you want the YouTube video embedded.
      8. Double click the embedded HTML frame to edit it. The Edit HTML dialog will open.
      9. Click the Source View tab.
      10. Replace "Add your own HTML here." with the HTML that you copied from YouTube.
      11. Click the Save Content>> button. The dialog will close and focus will return to your form.
      12. Click Save & Preview to preview how the video will appear on the form.
      13. Publish or Republish the form.
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