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    Add a Recurring Credit Card Donation

    In This Article:

      Recurring donations are credit card donations that are automatically paid to your foundation on a recurring schedule. Donors may submit recurring donations via one of your online donation forms or system users can manually enter recurring donations into Salsa CRM directly.

      To enter a recurring donation into Salsa CRM directly...

      1. Click the Add Donation button from the toolbar.

        The New Donation screen opens.

      2. Add all required fields, which are the ones at the top of the screen, above the tabs.
      3. Click the Payment Type drop-down menu, and then select Recurring (not Credit Card).  
      4. Click the Details button. The Recurring Details screen opens.                                                                
      5. The Recurring Amount represents the amount of the transaction that gets paid every time. Enter this amount, then press the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the next field.
      6. The Frequency represents how often the system should go out and attempt to charge the recurring payment. Set the installment payment Frequency by clicking on the Frequency drop-down and selecting the appropriate period, then press Tab.
      7. Type the Starting date payments when should begin. Alternately, click the Calendar button, click the date, then click OK.
      8. Click the Schedule Payments button. Salsa CRM will generate a schedule of equal installments based on the frequency selected. Installments will be generated until the expiration date of the credit card. After that expiration date, a new Recurring donation needs to be created.
      9. Click the New button to assign a new credit card to the recurring payment. If the donor has a credit card on file, you can choose to use an existing card by selecting that card entry from that drop-down menu.
      10. Click OK.
      11. Upon returning to Salsa CRM, you will see the last four digits of the credit card and the Card Type. Follow the same steps as listed in the Entering a Credit Card Donation section. 

        NOTE: At this point in entering the recurring donation, the credit card is being verified as a valid card and the credit card is being stored in your Merchant Services account for future processing of the recurring payments. For PCI Compliance, credit card information is not stored in Salsa CRM.

      12. Finish entering the donation as you typically would and click Save.

      Recurring donation payments are made automatically on the date corresponding to the installment. Installment payments are assigned to batches automatically, which are labeled 'Auto YYYY.MM', where YYYY corresponds to the current year and MM corresponds to the month in which the transaction was made.

      If payments are not being made in a timely fashion, please check Cardpointe for errors relating to the stored credit card. If necessary, check with Salsa Customer Support to get help on recurring donation issues.

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