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    Create a Recurring Donation

    In This Article:

      If the donor has indicated that they would like the donation to be recurring, take the following steps:

      1. To enter a donation, select the Add Donation button from the toolbar. The New Donation screen opens.
      2. Select the payment of Recurring  
      3. Click the Details button and the Recurring Details screen opens.                                                                
      4.  The Recurring Amount will be automatically populated for you, press Tab.
      5. Select the Frequency of the installments, and press Tab.
      6. Type the Starting date or select the Calendar button, select the date, select OK.
      7. Select the Schedule Payments and Salsa CRM will calculate equal payments based on the frequency selected and the expiration date of the credit card.
      8. Select the New button to assign a new credit card to the recurring payment. If the donor has a credit card on file, you can choose to use an existing card.
      9. Follow the same steps as listed in the Entering a Credit Card Donation section. NOTE: At this point in entering the recurring donation, the credit card is being verified as a valid card and the credit card is being entered into Salsa CRM Merchant Services for future processing of the recurring payments.
      10. Upon returning to Salsa CRM, you will see the last four digits of the credit card and the Card Type.
      11. Choose the OK button and the screen will close, returning you to the new donation screen.
      12. Finish entering the donation as you typically would and select You have successfully created the recurring donation. If appropriate, you will want to make an installment towards the recurring donation.
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