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    Settings: Create Supporter Custom Fields and Activity Custom Fields

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      There are two types of custom fields, and each type has its own tab:

      • Supporter Custom Fields - Used for non-standard supporter data such as favorite color, parent (this could be a yes/no field), How did you hear about us? (this could be a drop down of options/"Single Choice" field), etc. Supporter custom fields can be synced with Salsa CRM.
      • Activity Custom Fields - Used for particular data points around a specific activity, such as a dinner option "Single Choice" field associated with a particular event, food restriction, or accessibility need. They are transactional. When you create an Activity Custom Field, you will be prompted to select to which Engage Activity the field will pertain. If Salsa Engage is integrated with Salsa CRM, Activity Custom Fields are automatically pushed down to Salsa CRM.

      The process for creating custom fields is largely the same for Support and Activity custom fields.

      Create a Custom Field

      Sometimes you’ll need to create fields to gather information that isn’t included in our standard supporter fields. To create your own custom field...

      1. Click the Settings icon 2017-09-14_1419.png (to the top-right of the window) > Switch to.... Then, click Custom Fields.
      2. Click the Supporter Custom Fields or Activity Custom Fields tab (depending on which type of custom field you want to create).
      3. Click the +Create a Supporter Custom Field button or +Create an Activity Custom Field drop-down to get started. If you select +Create an Activity Custom Field drop-down, select an activity. A pop-up will guide you through creating the custom field.
      4. Select what type of custom field you want, and then click Next: Field Details ».
      5. Give the custom field a Field Name and short description. The name will display in both the supporter record and on any forms where the custom field is used (so your end users will see the field name). The description will display in the supporter record only (so your end users will never see this).
      6. Add a Parameter name. This is that name that you will use if you create an external URL that, when clicked, pre-populates a Salsa Engage form. Click here for details.
      7. Click Next: Field Settings ».
      8. Select your Field Settings. The Field Settings step will vary by the type of field you selected.
        • Text Box - If you select text box as your field type, you'll need to configure:
          • Field size - One or multiple lines
          • Character limit - The number of characters users can type in the field (including spaces and punctuation) Character type - Choose whether users can enter only letters, only letters and numbers, or any character type when filling out this field.
        • Number - The only thing you'll configure for the field settings of a number field is the  text users will see. Configure ghost text here:

          Users will see this:
        • Yes/No - The yes/no field type can be used for any field in which a binary response is expected (both yes/no OR true/false).  You can configure the look and feel of your yes/no field type as shown below.
        • Date/Time - If you are adding a date/time custom field, you'll be able to configure all of the following field settings:
          • Date vs. Date/Time - Whether or not time is included in the information you're collecting from supporters
          • Date Range - Minimum and Maximum date validation

            Without Time

            With Time
        • Single Choice - If you're creating a Single Choice custom field type, you can use the following:
          • Element types - Select whether users will use radio buttons or a dropdown list to indicate their response
          • Add answer choices by simply typing the option and clicking the Add button
          • Drag and drop the answer choices/options to reorder them
          • Set a default option which will be pre-selected when users see the field on a form
      9. Click Create Field ».

      Add Custom Fields to Forms

      Once you’ve created your custom fields, you’ll probably want to add them to forms so you can collect the information from your supporters. You can do so by adding a Form Field element to a Form element and then editing it or editing an existing Form Field Element.

      To add a new Form Field element within an existing Form element...

      1. Ensure that you are in the Visual Editor, and if the page does not have a Form element, add one.
      2. Click the Elements button.
      3. Click, drag, and drop the Form Field element into the Form. The Select Field window will appear.
      4. Find the Custom Field that you want to use, and click the teal "plus" icon to add the field. The Edit Field window will open.
      5. Set the available parameters, and then click Save Content ». You Custom Field will be added to the form.

      Edit Custom Fields

      To edit an existing Custom Field, click the pencil icon to open the Edit Field window, and then modify the Custom Field. Be sure to click Save Content » when you are finished. Any Activities that currently use the custom field will be updated ONLY if you republish the Activity.

      NOTE: once a custom field type is selected and saved, it is not possible to change from one type to another.  A dropdown-type custom field cannot be changed to a radio-button custom field.

      Delete Custom Fields

      Activity custom fields cannot be deleted at this time. Supporter custom fields can only be archived from within Salsa CRM.

      Report on Activity Custom Fields

      Activity custom fields are fields that are associated with the activity record itself (as opposed to the supporter record). Activity Custom Fields only show up in the reports if they were submitted by a supporter. If no one ever submits an activity custom field, you won't see any on that particular activity.

      There are two ways to generate reports on submitted Activity Custom Fields within Engage:

      1. Transaction Exports
      2. CSV export of Activity Results within any Activity ("by submission" for P2P Events)

      View Activity Custom Fields for Salsa CRM Integrated Customers

      Salsa CRM integrated customers can add activity custom fields to their Salsa Engage forms to collect data associated with a specific activity. You view Activity Custom Fields on a record by record basis in Salsa CRM...

      1. Open a constituent record.
      2. Click Activities in the Explorer menu.
      3. Click the Activity for which you wish to view the Activity Custom Field.
        • If the donation was offline, for example, it will open the CRM donation record.
        • If the donation was online, for example, it will open the transaction record in Engage.

      If you need an aggregate report of Activity Custom Fields, generate a constituent or donation Advanced Query. Activity Custom Fields have their own table.

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