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    Settings: Manage User Permissions

    In This Article:

      Salsa Engage enables administrators to set permissions for new and existing team members. This topic covers permissions.

      Permissions Levels

      Each of the following has its own permissions: List Building Forms, Fundraising Forms, Transaction Management, Advocacy, Email, Social, Events, Offline Transactions, Data Management, API, Application, Administration, Syndication. You can set permissions individually for each type of functionality. For example, you could give Campaign Managers permission to create and publish fundraising forms but restrict them from viewing and refunding transactions. You can give your bookkeeper full permissions to view and refund transactions but no access for creating fundraising campaigns.

      • Note: Permissions changes will not take effect until a user logs out and logs back in.
      • No Access - Users will not have access to or even see the functionality in their view of Salsa Engage.
      • Read Only - Users will be able to see the given functionality, but they will not be able to create forms or print reports.
      • Create/Update - Users will be able to see the given functionality, create emails, events, and social posts, but they will not be able to publish.
      • Publish & Send - Users have full permission to view, create, publish, and send.
      • Full Access - Users have full permissions. 
      • Custom - Many of the features enable to you select permissions very granularly. For example, you can give a user Full Access permissions to offline transactions for Events and No Access permissions to Peer-to-Peer transactions.




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