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    Settings: Social Media Pages

    In This Article:

      Include elements in your forms so that you can invite supporters to follow you on social media from an email or a form. The URLs that you enter here will be used as default values for the Follow element in the Visual Editor.

      When you include a 'Follow' element in an email or form, you have the option to point to these defaults or provide your own custom links. If you make any changes to these organization defaults, existing forms and emails set to use them will be automatically updated and, if needed, re-published.

      Please note, if you wish to change which icons are shown you will still have to update each 'Follow' element individually within your forms and emails.

      You can change the URL in the Follow element for any given activity or message and it will not change this default element setting. 

      1. Click the Settings icon 2017-07-03_1439.png, in the top right corner of the screen. 
      2. Click the teal colored Switch to... button on the right.
      3. Social Media Pages menu item.
      4. Enter the URLs that you want to use as defaults for activities and messages.

      Changes made here will not affect the Follow element in already distributed email blasts. They are reflected in published and republished Activities.

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