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    Settings: Click To Call Caller ID

    In This Article:

      Click To Call enables you to use Salsa Engage to enable supporters to connect directly to your action targets via telephone. This section covers how to set up Click To Call caller IDs so that you can use them in Targeted Actions.

      The first step is to add Caller ID numbers. You can add as many as you need. You'll then choose which one to use in your Targeted Action. When your supporter clicks the "Click to Call" option in a Targeted Action, Engage will call him or her and display the Caller ID number. However, when a supporter makes a call, targets will see the supporter's phone number (not your Caller ID number) as though the supporter called them directly.

      1. Click the Setting icon to open the settings window.
      2. Click the Switch to... button to the right of the screen, and then click Click to Call Caller ID. The Click To Call settings page will open.
      3. Click Add a Caller ID Number. The Set up a new Caller ID Number window will open. Read the on-screen directions.
      4. Enter the Number that you want to show up on the supporter's caller ID. This is also the number the system will call so you can enter a verification code.
      5. Enter a Reference Name. This is name that will appear in the table on the Click To Call settings page.
      6. Add a Description. This is for your internal use only.
      7. Click the Call Me Now button, at the bottom-right of the screen. You settings will be saved and the next screen in the Click To Call wizard will open and the the system will call the number you entered.
      8. Take note of the Verification Code and enter it when the system calls you. When you've successfully entered the verification code, the Status will change to Verified.
      9. Click Save. The number will appear in the table on the Click To Call settings page, and you'll be able to use it for Targeted Actions.
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