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    Configuration: Constituent Update Rules

    In This Article:

      Constituent Update Rules define how Salsa CRM handles updates to existing constituents that are pushed from Salsa Engage. Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage rely on UUID (a universally unique identifier) to ensure that records are matched correctly. The settings you define here will determine what data, if any, shows up in your Constituent Update Queue.

      For a better understanding of how Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage share data, see the topics in the Salsa CRM Integrations section.

      To set up your rules, click Manage > Configuration, and then click Constituent Update Rules.

      Default Rules

      When an update is received from Salsa Engage, this option stores the latest data to Salsa CRM. Salsa CRM updates demographic fields (Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Name Suffix) with the the latest data received from Salsa Engage. If there is a match with an existing record, Salsa CRM updates Email, Phone, Mailing Address, and Social Media IDs. If there is not a match, Salsa CRM adds the new record from Salsa Engage and makes it primary.

      Custom Rules

      This option adds an additional data matching requirement before updating an existing Salsa CRM record. Salsa CRM will require a matching First Name, Last Name, and Email to proceed with an update from Salsa Engage. Moreover, you can define how those updates occur on a field-by-field basis. If an update does not match the existing First Name, Last Name, and Email (or you choose to review updates to other fields), the updates will be queued for your review and not committed to a constituent. Pending updates can be found under Tools > Constituent Merge > Constituent Update Queue.

      When you select this option, an additional set of controls becomes available:

      • Update Existing - The existing, Salsa CRM record will be overwritten automatically with the data from Salsa Engage.
      • Update if Blank - New data from Salsa Engage will be added to the existing record in Salsa CRM. For example, if the record for the given UUID does not have an email associated with it and an email address comes down from Salsa Engage, the email address will be added to the Salsa CRM record.
      • Keep Existing Value - When there is a conflict between the record that comes down from Salsa Engage and the record in Salsa CRM, Salsa CRM will keep the existing record and discard the record from Salsa Engage. Salsa Engage will then be updated with the data from Salsa CRM. CAUTION: When you select this option, the data that was entered into Salsa Engage will be overwritten with data from Salsa CRM and gone forever.
      • Send to Constituent Update Queue - When there is a conflict, records will be sent to the Constituent Update Queue and will remain their until they are manually processes.
      • Add and Make Primary - Applies to only Contact Information and Social Media. The new data will be added to Salsa CRM and made the primary record.
      • Add and Make Non-Primary - Applies to only Contact Information and Social Media. The new data will be added to Salsa CRM in addition to the Primary Record and made the secondary record.
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