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    Print or Email All Donation Form Letters in a Batch

    In This Article:

      Thank You letters are applied on the donation itself when it is entered or updated in Salsa CRM.To reiterate, any donations entered into the system must be manually updated with the respective form letter you want to send. You can then run and send a Thank You letter separately using Salsa CRMs batch printing feature. Your donation record(s) will then be updated within the batch with the letter and send date.

      (In contrast, summary letters are used specifically for end of year notifications for donations made. If you are running summary letters along with monthly thank you letters, you'll need to use the batch printing option for donations in a month.)

      Before You Get Started

      • You must already have uploaded a Thank You letter template.
      • All donations must have an associated Thank You letter.
      • All donations should be associated with a batch.
      • Once donations are complete for a given time period (day/week/month) and associated with their respective batch, you can then run the batch and print Thank You letters.


      1. When entering/updating individual donations, select the Thank You letter that you want to use.
      2. Once all donations for the batch/month are done, click Manage > Batches.
      3. Search for the batch that you want to use, and then double click it.
      4. When the batch opens up, click Donations.
      5. At the bottom of the page, click Print Letters/Receipts using List As Name.inline2014417549.png
      6. Choose  I wish to print or email all Letters for this Batch.
      7. Click OK. Salsa CRM will display all the donations that have letters selected for them that have not already been printed (in other words, a blank Letter Sent Date associated with them).

      If you wish to edit the individual letters, select the letter to edit in the Items window on the right, then select the Edit button at the top.

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